CHILDREN'S COMBINATION CLASSES ​Tap and ballet are the basic units of the children's classes. Jazz may be included around age seven or eight. Simple movements designed to develop muscle control, rhythm and balance are taken from these forms. Novelty song and dance pieces are used to inspire children in their early training.


A style that blends ballet and jazz dance. It often expresses the lyrics in the music with movements characterized by fluidity and grace.

​What We Offer

By offering the variety of dance forms, we provide an opportunity for individual creativity for children and adults.

In the 16th century the French court became famous throughout Europe as the center for the development of ballet, therefore, French became the language of the art.The dance is usually a story pantomimed to music. A disciplined body is required to execute the precise ballet movements. When done carefully and correctly the execution of ballet technique can do more then exercise muscles and stretch ligaments. The students benefit in posture, poise and grace as well.

​Today's jazz is left much to the style of the choreographer. It is a free interpretation of  music. Most of the movements were originally taken from the classical ballet and "adapted" to jazz. There are no "wrong" movements. Ballet is considered a necessary part of the training. Hip Hop is currently  a popular form of  jazz.

Tap is a rhythmic, moving form of dance done in a syncopated rhythm, tapped audibly with the feet or parts of the feet (heels, toes). It is important to very young students because it helps to develop their rapid coordination and balance.